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poultry breeding farm, goats breeding farm, oxen breeding farm
duck breeding farm, chicken breeding farm, slaughtering plant
bird rearing, rearing cages, laying cages
innovative technologies and service for environment and industry
zoo technical division
:: pig breeding farm
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In the last years SE.GES.AM. Srl have developed more and more refined zoo-technical technologies that must guarantee::

:: the best hygienical level
the best health conditions
the optimal microclimatic conditions and an optimal air quality
an easy and cost efficient work flow for the personnel involved in running and controlling the plant
a convenient and environmental-regulations compliant way to dispose the waste produced by the plant, with a special attention to the disposal of manure
the optimal revenue from the invested capital

SE.GES.AM. Srl is aware of these issues and offers to the farmers and their consultants all the required information and the technical support. Our action is the synthesis of design and functionality and originates maximum efficiency solutions. Our technical personnel takes care and manages the research and development phases of the project in close contact with the customers. Our company mission is the success of our customers projects, our duty is to supply efficient and reliable plants to help the farmers in their daily work.
The plants we supplied and installed worldwide, cover any type of animal farming.

In 2000 SE.GES.AM. made agreements for technical and commercial partnership with the European leaders in manufacturing of zoo technical plants. Therefore, the constituted group can offer to its customers the widest range of equipment at the highest quality. The group boasts of a consolidated experience and presence in the international markets.

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